Acts 2:26

26 Therefore my heart rejoiced, and my tongue was glad;
Moreover my flesh also will rest in hope.


 +++++HOPE ++++++++

Good morning friends and family,

 We come to you today with Hope , such a little word , but so meaningful and powerful .

Virgina MasonTransplant team co-ordinator called us on Thursday to tell us that Bob was accepted into the transplant program . They will list him on the national transplant list as soon as his dental work is done , ( this could be a long process) please pray for us on this one >Bob needs alot of dental work and I pray that he is strong enough to go thru multiple visits and extractions as well as going to dialysis three times a week . We trust in the Lord to give him strength to get through this .

We know the Lord has a plan > we just go on each day and follow His lead . If you are all wondering why the teeth play such an important role , the reason is that they have figured out in recent years that much of the infection that occurs in the body is because infection has creeped in through decay or gum disease. Thus the transplant candidate has to be infection free. A really good reason to take care of your teeth while you are young to prevent major work when you are older >>>>>>

Another heads up to all : I found it interesting that everyone we saw > about 5 different team members , including 2 Drs, social worker , financial ,  and  RN coordinator , all asked the same four questions almost immediately after a cordial greeting . I thought < wow this must be important if they all ask these Q’s promptly before proceeding .

The Q’s were>





 All of Bob’s answers to these questions were no

I believe if he would have answered Yes, to any of those Questions , the outcome would have been very DIFFERENT .

Bob goes to dialysis with a younger man , maybe about 35 if that , I heard him say once , I have to quit smoking so I can get back on the list for a kidney transplant > yes, he is still smoking while on dialysis > several patients are , such a shame >

So there it is , sounds alot like a lecture , but truth is ,all these things or even one of them could prevent you from getting a new kidney .

 Well with that said , we are hopeful , God will direct this new direction for us , we pray for strength to endure all that comes our way >







March 9, 2012 > Bob’s trip to transplant center

Lamentations 3:23

23 They are new every morning;
Great is Your faithfulness
Good morning family and friends ,
Praise God we are back from our three day trip to Seattle’s Virgina Mason Transplant Center .
The weather was perfect in Seattle this past three days , sunny and dry, so different than the weather we would have faced in Jan. when we were orgininaly scheduled > Note this > This was the only 3 day period forcast to be sunny in the next 10 days > It was no coincidence that we were going this three sunny days , all a part of God’s mighty plan .With that said , Bob was able to endure a  very long day on Wednesday , following with a much shorter and easier day on Wednesday . He was able to do all the tests easily, an echocardiagram, to test his heart, an ultasound, a chest xray , and oh the fun one > drawing at least 10>15 vials of blood at one drawing , only to be followed the next day with another blood draw. A very small young lady , about 89 lbs < Bob says drew that blood with no problem whatsoever , she asked Bob at one point if he felt faint > his answer to her > “No  how about you?” her response “No I’m good . and she kept on filling up those vials . Lol
 We absorbed alot of information in a short time, God had impressed on me that i should only concentrate on what was being said at all the differnt appointments , and to not think about anything else . SO I DID  . They are all so very helpful there , agian we are dealing with a hospital that cares so much for their patients and their families .
We saw the Kidney Dr and the Surgeon who will be preforming the surgery. The surgeon , one of two on this team has 15 yr experience doing kidney transplants , the other surgeon 27 yrs , both at this hospital that long , if it comes to the point that Bob will go under this surgery , this is the type of experience one wants .
They were very though with the info, from the benefits to the risks , which are many as their are with every surgery. The medications Bob will have to take after this surgery if he is qualified are difficult for some , and many you have to take the rest of your life to keep your new kidney from rejecting .Lots of side effects , including  diabetes , skin cancer, nausea , headache, all kinds of side effects for some people . The chance of infection or virus is high as the immune system is compromised , thus there are risks .
On the upside , Bob would not have to do dialysis anymore , he would have a better quality life , able to do more things , his life in years could be up to 15 yrs if he was able to get a living organ donor . That figure drops  to 5>8 years longivity if he had to reley on a deceased donor . All the same , either way it is HOPE for Bob
We will not know if Bob is a candidate for a Kidney Transplant for at least ten days > when all the testing comes back.
At that point if he qualifies , he will be put on a national list > we will wait and see what happens in the next few weeks . Bob did not have to go to dialysis on thursday in seattle , nstead going today and tommorow instead here at home , that was a good thing , allowing us to come home earlier than expected . Jordan and his daughter Abby came to get us and we had  nice ride home and unexpected but fun visit to the Reptile Museum in Monroe, Wa on the return trip, Abby loves snakes, us not so much , but was ver interesting to say the least > lol
All in all , the weather was glorious , I did  not have to drive in Seattle traffic, and Bob was strong enough to make it through the tests . We praise God for being with us and directing our steps .
So now we move on one more step behind us in this new journey.

March 6, 2012 Update on Bob

Job 12:13

“With Him are wisdom and strength, He has counsel and understanding.

Good morning friends and family,

Well, today we enter new territory on this journey with Bob’s illness . We are on our way to Seattle’s Virginia Mason Kidney Transplant Center for Bob to spend two days taking tests that will tell us if he is strong enough to have a kidney transplant .

I believe he is as ready as he can be to make take this next step . He and dialysis do not get along very well . He is willing to do anything that will remove him from having to go to the dailysis center . Do not get us wrong , this dialysis center is a life saving clinic , the nurses and techs, staff are the best anywhere . We are very grateful to be in the hands of so many professionals that really care .

This is just a very tough place to be > period >

So we travel on the wings of angels today , our chauffeor our dearest friend Jordan who will be taking us there and then returning to pick us up and return us home on Thursday . We are so grateful for this kind gesture , assuring me as well as Bob safe passage .

God is in control and His will > will be done . I hope to be able to make a difference in at least one persons life as we visit this hospital , knowing that there is always a need for a comforting smile or a few words spoken between strangers .

Please pray that Bob will have the strength and endurance to get through all the testing he will have to do .

May God Richly Bless You all < peggy

Febuary 4, 2012 Bob’s update

Good Morning all ,

 The pic you see here is one taken abour 5 years ago on a trip to my sons home in Philadelphia , Pa.

Just wanted you all to know that our trip over to Virgina Mason Transplant Center in Seattle  on Jan 17-20th was canceled due to very extreme weather in Seattle , we will be resceduled sometime this month . The weather was not only bad , snow ,ice , closed Mt. passes , but on one of the days we were to be there they had unforseen ice storm that even closed the airport for more than a few hrs stranding over 32,000 people .

We know we would have been stranded as well , trying to get to the hospital in unfanthomable conditions  The staff at the hosital were to have been surely behind or absent altogether , due to the conditions  . This would have been extremely tolling on Bob , heathwise as well as mentaly .

You know I was thinking again about those 4 days the other day , and I came to the conclusion that it was not Bob’s time yet to make that visit , thus we were stopped from going . God raised His mighty hand and the wind blew , the snow came and we were halted . In the 5 days following that tuesday Jan 17th , we alone recieved over 26 inches of snowfall here in Leavenworth . That tuesday Jan17th  was a reminder of three years ago to the day that Bob was  being transported to Harborview Hospital , in critial condition suffering a massive stroke . Even tho I was ready to go , nearly packed , and getting things together ,I was at peace , not worrying or thinking too much of that very same day 3 years before , The Lord had other plans for us , to keep us safely nestled in our little home , just watching the beautiful snow fall instead of driving in it  and enduring extremely difficut circumstances while we were there .

I was talking to my dear friend Jordan and he and I agree , Bob was not quite ready yet to make such a big trip and needed a little more time .

As I write this part I am humbley in tears, very emotional day for me today , as a little bit of Hope drifted into our lives yesterday.

It was my birthday a week or so ago , and Bob always gets me something for that day ,even if just a beautiful card and my favorite candy bar , always popping up behind me and saying Happy Birthday Sweetie.

This year was different , he drifed in and out of sleep for many days before and after my b-day , sometimes remembering as I showed him all the beautiful cards and gifts I recieved , but he did not seem to really understand .

Then on Thursday this past week , Bob had a really hard time at dialysis , the tech-nurse had a really hard time inserting the needles , took over 30 min and he came home beaten down .How that must hurt , in and out with the needles for 30 minutes , in the same place . It hurts me to think of it . I feel for my Bobby , how hard this is and how much more courage he has than me.

Then yesterday , I felt I could come to work for a few hours while he rested at home . It was about 1:30 PM , the door opened at our little shop and there was Bob , he told me he had walked down , he stopped and rested at a few hotels along the way..He walked though the icey patches  and cold tempetures  ( about 20 degrees yesterday)  putting one foot in front of another . He came over to where I was sitting and pulled something out of his pocket, a gift , he said . He had stopped at  starbucks , my favorite place for a hot drink , and proceeded to fill my card up with a months supply of drinks . he said at he kissed my cheek ” Happy Birthday Sweetie ” .

It has affected me greatly  today , as I think of what that took , how hard it was for him to do that , a man that can barely walk around the grocery store  a few times a month . He had to walk about 5 long blocks to get to our shop from our home.

I looked at that act yesterday and I told Bob , maybe now is the time God will begin to heal you , I pray for that everyday < I pray that God will touch Bob with His mighty hand and heal him completely , whole and new . We have seen a miracle in Bob’s life once , and I fully prepare to see another in God’s timing .

Well as I sign off today < my prayer is that all will experience this kind of Love in their life , the kind of Love that is selfless and enduring through whatever Life brings.

 God Bless All < Peggy and Bob

January 12, 2012 > Bob’s Update

1 Chronicles 16:11

11 Seek the LORD and His strength;
Seek His face evermore!


Good Morning all ,

Well, here we are at the gateway to another path on the journey we travel .

Bob is sceduled to go for a complete evaluation for a Kidney Transplant next week . We will have to travel to one of Seattle’s finest Transplant Hospitals , Virginia Mason Hospital to get this done .

The travel alone will be such a challange for Bob , whom does not leave the house except to go to and from Dialysis 3 times a week. We will stay for three nights in a hotel near the hosptial for convience sake .Bob will have to see several doctors on two seperate days . This will include class room time as well . To some this may seem an easy task, for Bob this will be a burdan , he cannot remember things for more than 5 minutes at time and still has difficulty understanding due to the aphasa he has from the stroke he suffered 3 years ago to the day,that  we are to be in  a Seattle Hospital once again.

He has  Chronic pain and that alone seperates him from other dialysis patients . I will be Bob’s side as much as they will allow , holding his hand , telling him it will all be well , telling him how JESUS  our LORD  will be at our side as well, holding us both up and getting us through whatever we need to get through.  Bob will also have to have outpatient Dialysis while there , the third day after 5 hrs of appointments we will travel to a dialysis center and  be there until 6:00 pm or so .

I will not drive this time , a very good friend  has offered to take us over , from there transportation will be provided for us .

I am asking for prayers for strength for Bob and for myself as well  , sleep for both of us, and for me to be able to retain and record all the information we will here there including the classroom material.( not my strong suit ) This is the time I wish I had a secretary available , he , he .

We have HOPE in this trip , HOPE,that Bob’s health will allow him to be able to have a lifesaving kidney transplant , HOPE , that Bob could return to some of the activites he so loved , maybe even riding his HARLEY once again . Thats a reach , but with GOD ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE .

Dialsyis is not working well for Bob , we all know that , for some it is works wonderfully for some not , Bob is one of those .  

Ending up here , just want to say ” I wonder what the Lord has for us to do at Virgina Mason Hosptial > we will be there a long time , I can only imagine what God has prepared for us to accomplish while we are there , looking so forward to that part as well . God will work through us as He always does , who knows what stories I will have to tell when we get back

Thank you all for your continuing prayers for both Bob and I > we feel them each and every day .

Blessing’s to all , Peggy and Bob



December 8, 2011 Bob’s Update

Psalm 3:3
3 But You, O LORD, are a shield for me,
My glory and the One who lifts up my head.

Good Morning everyone ,

 Has been awhile since I posted about Bob’s progress on Diaylsis .

Dialysis for Bob is the hardest thing he has ever had to endure , like I have said in previous posts this man is one of the most couragous I have ever met . Raw courage , the kind you get when you are at the end of the rope and cannot hardly hang on any more . This is what it takes to endure dialysis for Bob. I am told for some it is not this way ,it is easier , they can work, play , carry on with their life . For Bob this is not the case , he is at the end of that rope , barely hanging on . The insertion of the needles continues to be a very uncomfortable part of the procedure , Bob’s fistula being one of the more difficult to use . Was not intended to be that way , that is just the way it matured over the months . The folks down at the clinic are doing everything they can to make this easier for him , they try so hard, but i believe when you sit a big active man down in a chair for four hours , three times a week ,  unable to move his left arm or hand , that alone is brutal. But it is what it is , Bob goes , even tho he does not want to most days , we will see what the new year will bring  for him , hopefully it may get easier , and he will feel better , in the mean time , we pray for comfort for him and for the pain to decrease .

The picture here is one taken several years ago at our little shop at Christmas time , such great memories .


 Blessing’s to all this Holiday Season

October 29, 2011 Bob’s update

Psalm 94:18
18 When I said, “My foot is slipping,”
your unfailing love, LORD, supported me.

Good Morning everyone,

 It has been awhile since I have posted > time gets away from me. Bob is hanging in there , nothing easy for him with dialysis . Every step of this new life is difficult . He has just recently completed his first 90 days. They all told him he would be feeling better by now , but low , he is not much better . With that said , he is still with us and smiling and laughing once in awhile when he watchs a comedy movie . He prays that this will end one day soon for him , he is spent , he tells me  in his own words . His joy is that someday he will be with his Lord and Saviour , Jesus Christ . Forever out of pain, and walking the streets of gold .

In the meantime , he gets up every morning and puts one foot in front of another , getting through one more day >>>>>

Blessing’s Peggy

October 5, 2011

  Good Morning to all this day:

1 John 4:4

You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.

This bible verse is one I have heard my sweet Bobby recite over and over again all the nearly 16 years I have known him , it is one of the first scripture verses I memorized so long ago when we first met.

Bob is doing better, finaly we are seeing some improvement , he is not soo sick anymore and is getting used to going down to dialysis, not that he likes it any to keen, but things are going a little better , Still having trouble with the insertion of the needles , sometimes they go better than at other times . He still does not have any energy to speak of , but getting slightly better a day at time .

The kidney Dialsis diet is so different than other diets ,have to eat lots of protein , eggs , meat , fish , chicken , not much whole grains ,and really have to watch water consumption , including everything you eat that contains water ,such a fresh pears , which are plentiful here now , you would not believe how much water is in a fresh pear. On the dialysis diet you cannot consume more than 32 oz of water a day , not much for sure . That is tough for Bob as he takes pills throughout the day and has to take  a drop or two of water to help swallow the pills .

The crew down at dailysis are wonderful people , with a tough job, they are an amazing testimony to the health community .

It is fall here in NorthCentral Washington , a beautiful time of year , hope you all are enjoying it wherever you may be as well .

 Blessing’s < Peggy

9/6/2011 Bob’s update > Whenever I am afraid >


Titus 2:2

2 that the older men be sober, reverent, temperate, sound in faith, in love, in patience;

A very good morning to one and all ,

 Well, here we are nearing the end of summer. Soon we will  hear the children laughing and chatting as they near the school across the street from us . Bob loves to watch these children come and go each day , He knows exactly what time they start school , when they have recess, lunch and when they are dismissed each day.

 He misses them when they are not there in the summer , he misses seeing these children play and laugh . But they will return very soon and he will be happy to see all the little once again .

Bob is truckin on , he still does not have much energy , and rests alot . He feels better , and dialysis is going smoother , but still so hard to adjust too.

He is sober , he is sound in his faith , in love and in patience . He feels 80 he says , when asked how old he is, he responds 80. He is only 62 , but this is how old he feels.

His memory is not good , but you know mine is not that great anymore either , He is calm and the severe  and constant sickness has drifted away for now , hopefully , forever . He is content  resting in his big recliner chair, watching old reruns of things like , Little house on the Praire,  Dr Quinn Medicine woman > and so many more movies the library offers . He said he never has had an opportunity to stay home like this , day after day. He always had to work each day .

So all in all , it is a good week , one more the Lord has given us .

Blessing’s to all <Peggy


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